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rrveille Resonant-type magnetic braking was achieved by phasing fields, accompanied by strong density pump-out and confinement degradation, and explained by excitation of kink response captured by ideal plasma response calculation. Results of the PIC simulations demonstrate aoam even if in some cases the electric field plays a distinct role in determining the precise heat flux distribution, when heat diffusion into the bulk material is taken into account, the thermal responses calculated using the PIC or ion orbit approaches are very similar.

Abstract For the final design of the ITER divertor it is important to determine whether revelle of each tungsten monoblock to eliminate leading edges is required or not.

In the first campaign Wendelstein 7-X was operated with five poloidal graphite limiters installed stellarator symmetrically.

Abstract Up to now, blister formation on rough or technical tungsten surfaces exposed to hydrogen isotope plasma was believed to be completely suppressed. Self-consistent classical energy equipartition is retained, as well as the impact of low-Z impurities, the reveiloe concentration of which is largest at the lowest plasma densities and decreases with increasing electron density.

Non-inductive plasma start-up is a critical issue for spherical tokamaks since there is not enough room to provide neutron shielding for the center solenoid.

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alzm A higher plasma current of 66 kA was also non-inductively achieved with a slow ramp-up of the vertical field. Abstract The paper presents DD neutron flux measurements in neutron beam injection NBI experiments aimed at the optimization of target plasma and heating beam parameters to achieve maximum neutron flux in the TUMAN-3M compact tokamak.


To remove this arbitrariness, by considering an equilibrium distribution function of hot particles interacting with rotating bulk particles, we compute the ‘rotation’ of hot particles. The reconstructed linear profiles are significantly different from the measured profiles, demonstrating the significant impact that non-linearity can have.

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Eventually the system saturates at a quasi-stationary state with those islands coexisting in two pairs. Stable high-performance tokamak operation in hybrid and advanced plasma scenarios requires control over the safety factor profile q -profile and kinetic plasma parameters such as the plasma beta.

It is shown that the surface microstructure of tungsten samples irradiated in hydrogen is characterized by micro-pits, inclusions and blisters in the form of bubbles, which were not observed earlier for tungsten irradiated in hydrogen.

Due to the determinant role of H and He played in the material behaviour any irradiation experiment must take into account the amount of these gases produced during the irradiation in Fusion reactors with high-energy neutrons. Predictive modelling of the heat flux distribution on ITER tungsten divertor monoblocks is a critical input to the design choice for component front surface shaping and for the understanding of power loading in the case of small-scale exposed edges.

Help us build the world’s largest lyrics collection by contributing lyrics here. The key difference is that the rotation shear in JET-ILW plasmas analyzed in this study is larger than that in JET-C ones, the shear which enhances the dynamic pressure destabilizing a peeling-ballooning mode. A versatile synthetic diagnostic module, initially developed for the generation of synthetic camera images, has been extended for the evaluation of the inverse problem in which the observable photon flux is related back to the originating particle flux recycling.

The toroidal rotating filaments could change the edge magnetic topology resulting in toroidal rotating strike point splitting and heat flux broadening. Then, in order to take into account the non-ideality of the winding, a generalized expression, formally analogue to the classical one, is presented.

Hwang and Yong-Su Na. Abstract The currents and forces induced in the tokamak vacuum vessel wall during the disruption are calculated for different values of wall resistivity.


Candidate control schemes for basic magnetic control, including divertor operation and kinetic control of the electron density with goi puffing and pellet revdille, were developed. The rotation reversal might not occur due to the transition of the dominant turbulence from the trapped electron mode to the ion temperature gradient mode or the neoclassical equilibrium effect in KSTAR.

The analyses presented in the paper show that reveulle design of the CER diagnostic is capable of achieving the requisite performance as needed for the operation reveille the ITER machine. It is found that CDBM model predicts temperatures close to experiments or underestimates them, and thus can be used for the conservative prediction, which considers a lower bound of plasma performance.

We report first principles modelling of this scenario using a particle-in-cell code, which evolves the full orbit dynamics of large numbers of energetic protons, thermal deuterons, and electrons self-consistently with the electric and magnetic fields.

Models to determine the worst aalm and the statistical measurement accuracies are hence provided. It is revealed that the EAM potential can reproduce correctly the magnitude of the interaction of H with both dislocations as compared to the ab initio results.

The code traces the motion of both electrons and ions in a narrow bundle of magnetic field lines close to the antenna straps. The associated radial blob velocity is shown to be reduced for heavier ions.

In particular, the effects of high temperature helium from D—T reaction on ZF depend on the temperature ratio between electrons and high temperature helium. Abstract Using high speed imaging of the divertor volume, the region close to the X-point in MAST is shown to be quiescent.

Abstract Three dimensional 3D divertor particle flux footprints induced by the lower hybrid wave LHW have been systematically investigated in the EAST superconducting tokamak during the recent experimental campaign.

This effect would also contribute to suppression of GAEs because the continuum damping rate increases more and more toward the core.

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