I just bought and received a used GP gyro and I dont have a manual to program it. Is there any chance someone can give me a PDF file or a. indicator lit up, ~ou are in the servo frame rate setup -menu. sensitivity of GP gyro, high speed di~ital servos such as Align OS , Futaba S The Align GP heading lock gyro that is included in the new T-Rex super combo kits has setup steps that differ with most other gyros on.

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I’m guessing it’s binding, but I can’t tell how. Aug 12, In order to verify that you are a human and not a spam bot, please enter the answer into the following box below based on the instructions contained in the graphic. I just bought and received a used GP gyro and I dont have a manual to program it.

Jun 09, Make me an offer! One way I could do this is to put the manula rod on a ball with a larger radius.

Align GP750 Gyro Review

You basically cycle through the 5 options with the set button, and select the setting using the rudder stick. Click Here For More Information.

I will try to walk through the setup steps and explain each setting. As I mentioned, the Align GP gyro still allows an analog tail servo to be used by selecting analog servo mode, but I found even with a fairly fast 0. The Esky F V2 is an inexpensive and cool little scale Airwolf heli that is easy to fly. Apr 09, This sets the gyro for either Digital Servo or Analog Servo.


Once the initialization process completes, the status LED will remain lit in green or red. Green is for digital servo DSred is for analog servo AS.

Move the rudder stick until the tail pitch slider reaches the end. Green is for normal, red when direction needs to be reversed.

May 12, The Trex ESP is so fun to experience it on since with the quiet electric power plant, you can really hear the pitch change as that big tail rotor slaps back with total authority to lock the tail no matter how fast you are spinning.

Align GP Gyro Review

Images View all Images in thread. What was the rest of the sentence? Once I got that slow digital tail servo out and fit the DS, some of the performance potential of the Trex ESP could be appreciated as well as how good the Align GP gyro really is.

Of course if you are one of the gifted few who have 3D reflexes and nerves of steel, the Align GP gyro will keep up to what ever gp75 want to throw at it. I have one for sale if anyone’s interested!


This puts mahual most amount of torque down in least amount of time. The final feature that pushed me all the way to the Align GP gyro was the delay setting just like the offers. Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Even a Futaba GY will show a little bit of deviation, but paired with a fast servo, it corrects for it in the blink of an eye.

Call alin whatever laign like; bottom line is it can hold its own against any of the big gyro names out there. The first thing I noticed was the all aluminium center case half that acts as a large integrated heat sink to bleed off excesses heat to help keep the servo operating at maximum efficiency. But is there any other way to tell the gyro to increase its usable limits on the rudder servo?

I’m having trouble with the gyro setup. Any word on how it flies?

Here I am setting the digital frame rate for the specific servo I am using, in this case aligb rate. Return to Steph’s blog. Is it worth adding to your fleet?

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