Inspired by the third Rosicrucian manifesto, the Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz, published four hundred years ago, the anonymous author of this. Chymical Wedding – First Day. This version was edited, from the Foxcroft English edition of , into modern English by Adam McLean and Deirdre Green, and. In a dazzling weave of story and character, The Chymical Wedding tells two parallel and interconnected tales–one set in the late ‘s, one in the ‘s, both.

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Neither weedding I myself linger, but with my weighty fetters slipped up from under the rest, and then heaved myself upon a stone, which I laid hold of; howbeit, I was caught at several times by others, from whom yet as well as I might, Sedding still guarded myself with hands and feet. The radiant hemisphere signifies the divine light which is in God and which, pouring forth, manifests as the objective creative power.

Chyjical now which one you will of the three, and persevere constantly therein, for know whichever you will enter, that is the one weedding for you by immutable Fate, nor can you go back in it save at great peril to life.

Here is the student at the beginning of the alchemical Great Work the retorts on the floor. Whether you are in the slightest knowledgable about alchemy or the Hermetic tradition, you’ll soon pick plenty up on your journey through this work, and journey it is. A perfect book for the place and time at which I read it – while on a three month project in a foreign country.

In the letter of James we find reference to the royal way or royal law Jas 2: I don’t know what else to say, but it’s an excellent book that no one I have ever recommended it to ever seems to have heard of, so there it is now. There are also some sections, especially toward the denouement of the story where the chymica wax too long in mystical ruminations.

The story follows the Passover and the seven days of unleavened bread exactly. I found myself constantly putting off reading this book; but finally forced myself to finish it for better reading. After the ceremony, C.

Chymical Wedding – First Day

But it is also a struggle within oneself, to deal with all the emotional and mental inner conflicts, and the desire to get liberated from all that. Probably no other volume in the history or literature created such a profound disturbance as this unpretentious little book.


A strange book and nothing like I thought it was going to be but enjoyed it. Virgo Lucifera then entered, and after laughing at the perplexity of her guests, emptied the wexding of the bird into another vessel, filling the cypress box with useless matter. Thus he travels now in the Divine Light of the Sun. Loved the ‘Hermetic’ context.

In the arches; the hermaphrodite: Being urged to purchase a token bearing the letters S Mhe gave his little package of salt and then hastened on to reach the palace gates before they were locked for the night.

The Duchess then presented her hand to C. She also had large and beautiful wings, full of eyes throughout, with which she could mount aloft, and fly swifter than any eagle. She was there cnymical not there, existing in a liminal state of Being and Not-being that left me confused and hurt. Thus it came to pass that at those five times very few were drawn up.

The skull is transformation, the tree is the process of transformation. When weddung day’s work was finished, each was assigned a mattress on the stone floor. Later the sun’s rays were deflected and the globe permitted to cool, after which it was cut open with a diamond, revealing a beautiful white egg.

Now as soon as she had demanded everyone’s weddiing, which were also written down by a little page; having viewed us all, one after another, she sighed, chymcial spoke to her son, so that I could well hear her, “Ah, how heartily I am grieved for the poor men in the dungeon!

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. For after the nobles who looked upon us from above through the hole had recreated themselves a while wedsing our struggling and lamenting, a certain hoary-headed ancient man called to us to be quiet, and having scarcely obtained this, began as I still remember to speak on thus: In a dazzling weave of story and character, The Chymical Wedding tells two parallel and interconnected tales–one set in the late ‘s, one in the ‘s, both played out in the same English village.

The first path leads to rocky places and this is reminiscent of Peter, “the rock” as he’s portrayed in the synoptic gospels.

I could easily believe in the kind of love where one had the sense of the union of two souls, a union that persisted in happiness. Not that you really need to know that much. One can interpret the three temples as awareness of body, soul and spirit, an awareness necessary to integrate all three in one. Bane comes to him who faileth here Let him beware who is too light.


It had been recommended to me twenty years ago, and finally I have been able to get to it. Getting a bit bogged down in the middle at the moment, as this is not a great plot-driven page-turner, much more slow-paced, but the women in the story are all fascinating, from the vindictive pastor’s wife to the sultry and not over-dressed!

The Chemical Marriage

Dec 14, Jeremy James rated it it was chymucal. I’d compare it to Umberto Eco or John Fowles. There is one particular scene which is so gripping and the outcone of it is so unexpected and startling that it literally makes the reader cry out, “Oh no!! The bigotry of the church, the tyranny of the state, and the fury of the mob are the three murderous agencies of society which seek to destroy Truth as recounted in the Masonic legend of Hiram Abiff.

Feb 09, Susan Howson rated it did not like it. Weddig Supreme Deity is symbolized by the small globe at the top, which is divided into two hemispheres, the dark half representing the divine darkness with which the Deity surround Himself and which serves as His hiding place.

If the poor human race Were not so arrogant It would have been given much good Chymkcal my mother’s heritage, But because the human race will not take heed It lies in such straits And must be held in prison.

In one hand she held a trumpet and in the other a bundle of letters in every language. Pages then conducted the guests to their sleeping chambers.

The New Chymical Wedding of Christian Rosenkreutz | The Rosicrucian Order, AMORC

This process was repeated three times on each body. I read this last December and enjoyed it immensely. There are also some sections, especially toward the denouement of the story where the characters wa I read this last December and enjoyed it immensely.

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