Example 6 1 Rectangular Water Tank Design – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. leakage. This project gives in brief, the theory behind the design of liquid retaining structure (Elevated circular water tank with domed roof and conical base). and further guidance on seismic design methods for storage tanks larger tanks, and as such the seismic design for these larger storage tanks.

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Pressure of Saturated soil acting from outside and no water pressure from inside. Help Center Find new research papers in: Applying these four conditions, four equations will be obtained which can be solved and constants C1, C2, C3 and C4 evaluated. Overhead Tanks These tanks may be rectangular or circular. Circular tanks hinged at base and free at top. In case of tanks intended for the storage of water for domestic purpose, the roof must be made water-tight.

The axes of moments in the two braces will be at right angles to their axes. In the first case width of the gap should be sufficient to allow the sides to be prepared o filling. When steel and concrete are assumed to r.c.c.ovefhead together for checking the tensile stress in concrete for avoidance of crack, the tensile stress in steel will be limited by the requirement that the permissible tensile stress in the concrete is not exceeded so the tensile stress in steel shall be equal to the product of modular ratio of steel and concrete, and the corresponding watre tensile stress in concrete.


Cylindrical tank with top slab and fixed base At top deflection will be zero and slope will be as for the slope of top slab. Foundation for elevated tanks.

water tank design example | Ravindra Ranatunga Ranatunga –

Thus four equations are obtained which can be solved for constants C1, C2, C3 and C4. For the bottom portion BD reinforcement for hoop tension is provided in addition to steel required for bending. The walls are subjected to water pressure.

Hence values of P0 and Pr can be calculated. We were selected as Consultants for the design of the overhead tank through competitive bidding for various projects. As the dome is designed on membrane theory, the tank wall is assumed free at top.

Overhead RCC Water Tanks Construction

Reinforcement is curtailed in the same manner as in the second case. Hence values of Pc and Pr can be found.

Steel in Vertical Span x For -ve B. The walls of the underground tanks are subjected to internal water pressure and outside earth pressure.

It is a joint with complete discontinuity in both reinforcement and concrete and with special provision to facilitate movement in plane of the joint.

Maximum – ve B M. For sections of thickness greater than mm, minimum reinforcement in each of the two directions shall be kept at 0. The force in any column is proportional to its distance from C. Stress limitations for liquid retaining faces shall also apply to: Water pressure acting from inside and no earth pressure acting from outside.


Let Ath be r.cc.overhead reinforcement required at depth watter. There will be direct load on the long wall due to self weight of the roof. Log In Sign Up. Ciruclar Tanks with Flexible Joint at the Base.

Where it is desired to allow the walls to expand or contract separately from the floor, or to prevent moments at the base of the wall owing to fixity to the floor, sliding joints may be employed. As the bending moment is proportional to the deskgn of water, reinforcement will vary linearly with depth of water. Actually reinforcement is provided on both faces vertically as well as horizontally, There will be direct tension in long walls due to pressure on short walls but its effect is negligible.

Direct tension on short wall is w Watrr. At this section two bars of 25 mm. The design of bottom slab depends on the system of columns and beams provided.

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