Explore IE’s board “José Saramago” on Pinterest. José Saramago – Portuguese writer and recipient of the Nobel Prize in Literature. .. Amor a dios. Y tengo que decir que es bueno describir a Dios, porque cada quien lo tiene y lo ve de distinta manera. . “El factor Dios”, del que tanto habla, ese ilustre ateo, llamado José Saramago, es un Factor que ocupa y cuestiona la. 3 Composiciones de Azio Corghi a partir de la obra de José Saramago . En definición suya, “Dios es el silencio del universo, y el ser humano, el grito que da . Diario El País, 18/09/ “El factor Dios “; ↑ Diario El País, 21/08/ “Dios .

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Can we be reduced to our outward appearance, rather than the sum of our experiences? What if no one ever died again? What if she, death with a small d, became human and were to fall in love? But one day, when he comes across the records of an anonymous young woman, something happens to him. This is pure Saramago, if not in the flesh, but in pure unadulterated thought. George Bush and his lying; Silvio Berlusconi saarmago his bad governance; Israel and its maltreatment of Gaza; authors and fwctor who have died; and factoids that surround the release of his new book.

They have achieved the great goal of humanity: View all 3 comments. A proponent of libertarian communism, Saramago was criticized by institutions such as the Catholic Church, the European Union and the International Monetary Fund, with whom he disagreed on various issues. And this book was a compilation of what he wrote.

The Notebook

There are several themes that come up every now and saramavo in his blog. Precise observations and moments of arresting significance are rendered with pointillist detail and together demonstrate an acute understanding of our times.

A stunningly powerful novel of man’s will to survive against all odds, by the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature. I know these are idle words, appropriate for someone turning eighty-six. Accompanied by the Archduke, his new wife, and the royal guard, these unlikely heroes traverse a continent riven by the Reformation and civil wars, witnessed along the way by scholars, historians, and wide-eyed ordinary people as they make their way through the storied cities of northern Italy; they brave the Alps and the terrifying Isarco and Brenner Passes; across the Mediterranean Sea and up the Inn River; and at last, favtor their grand entry into the imperial city.


I look forward to reading my next dl of his, the aptly named Death at Intervals. In this provocative, tender novel, the subject of wide critical discussion and cactor, Saramago questions the meaning of God, the foundations of the Church, and human existence itself.

José Saramago

I think I have enough data points to base my decision that if it is written by him, then it must be good. He is a dissident, and with that, he is very outspoken with respect to his views on world affairs.


Condemned to favtor forever after he kills his brother Abel, Cain makes his way through the world in the company of a personable donkey. View all 4 comments. Or is it a simple effect of nature, merely a consequence of being alive, with no pre-existing consciousness or intent, like an apple tree bearing apples without any concern for whether anyone would come and eat them or not?

The Notebook by José Saramago

Like I said earlier, it provided saramagi a window to see how Saramago’s brain functions, and reading his blog allowed me access to whatever it was that was brewing in his head, without the artistic flourish that a novel usually is crafted with.

He attacks both Christians and Muslims alike, and even suggests that there should be a third god to mediate between these two parties. How many of them remain? Ah, another important topic in Saramago’s blog is religion and his belief that this is the root of all problems. This book is a mish-mash of memoir, biography and nostalgia. Ensayo sobre la lucidez. Saramago’s way of thinking and reasoning looks so flawless, it felt like art.


He will be greatly missed.

He writes in a world where there is both restriction and abundant means to write. He really was a man of values.

33 best Jose Saramago images on Pinterest | Quotes en espanol, Spanish quotes and Writers

Authorities confine the blind to an empty mental hospital, but there the criminal element holds everyone captive, stealing food rations and raping women.

What significance does the buzzing of bees inside the hive have? I resonated with enough of his beliefs that I could quote here dozens. What might seem new to other people has with the passing of time turned into a reheated soup for me. The blog fqctor are random thoughts which cover a lot of topics and events from those seven months and not only: Saramwgo of course causes consternation among politicians, religious leaders, morticians, and doctors. View all 14 comments.

Saramago was awarded the Nobel Prize for literature in Tertuliano watches the sarqmago, unimpressed. Apr 12, jeremy rated it it was amazing Shelves: The result is a deft psychological portrait that moves between poetry and irony, spirituality and irreverence of a savior who is at once the Son of God and a young man. A must, must read for anyone who love to see writers being open about world affairs and critique current culture without a safety net. The Gospel According to Jesus Christ.

To lift his spirits, a colleague suggests he rent a certain video. Inoltre Saramago ritorna a volte sugli stessi argomenti, o approfitta di un dois spunto per trattare lo stesso tema; come succede nelle riflessioni quotidiane di molti.

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