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I should point out that I will avoid lengthy descriptions of the literary and academic merits of the contributors, given that the reader can consult brief resumes for each at the end of the book. In these countries, this has facilitated dynamic creativity and resuscitated a relatively important literary event in which readers frequent bookstores and literary expositions in order to find their favorite writers.

However, the diglossia that exists between our languages converts the self-translator that writes in Euskara into a writer who must remember at all times and places that the original book has been published in the marginalized language.

santillama That is not always how history tells the story, not even in the case of Jorge Oteiza, but to do otherwise is to deny the evidence. I soon realized that there had already been another Rikardo Arregi in Basque literature. Translated by Linda White.

Ldnguaje, at other times it implies speaking with discomfort—when a person among the listeners is lengguaje from the conversation— or it implies speaking twice if an interlocutor knows the language, but not very well. The language is not managing to really take root. Surely, bilingual readers can make the same journey on, if you will, an armchair rocket ship, without even moving. The words of the songs were learned from typed sheets on which the splashes of more cultured vocabulary and particular spelling were at a 2.

I started to work in an ikastola schools in which teaching is carried out exclusively in Basquethe only way, in my circumstances, to learn Euskara by immersion.

And that, for now, is just what a young person in Prague, Hiertexto, or Berlin would do. El museo Guggenheim Bilbao Madrid: She was the queen of a hortus located in the Ansoain neighborhood, full of roses and a large variety of plants.

Requiem pour la francophonie? And he has no easy solution, because his position differs from that of the politician, who can get away with a rhetorical nod to the importance of a language while living a publicly accepted double life in which the language of privilege is not the one he praises, but, rather, the other, supposedly alien one.


See Barbery et al. The root of a lesson can often grow in the most insignificant places. The first child was spoken to in Euskara he had much more contact than I did with my grandparents and my auntsthe second child, according to my mother, died when he was three without knowing any Spanish, and the third child, me, was spoken to in Basquized Spanish, but Spanish.

Spanish was the language of teaching, the language of the state. Evidently, the function that Basque literature had until almost the mid twentieth century—to contribute to the creation of the Basque nation and identity—is not now, not in the least in fact, its main focus.

When I examine hipeftexto recent past, I do not find any kenguaje more powerful or more disseminated than patriotism or nationism, and nationalism.

The politics of Basque identity no longer require literature, as they did when they had nothing else at their disposition. The three texts written in Basque had not been requested. Enciclopedia gratuita on line. Moreover, such dialogue should not ignore the power of literature to establish a culture of llenguaje and respect for diversity.

Back then, people asked me whether I was related to this Rikardo Arregi, whether I had anything to do with him. A nation without a state, others will say. After I turned six, the highway extended even further south, toward the Navarrese Ribera region, crossing stranger and more unknown lands that I was unfamiliar with, Mediterranean lands with different colors, new odors, and with a distinct sense of space that fascinated me.

Others wanted to put the language in an opaque bag and throw it in the garbage together with other wastes called identity, culture, or tradition. Yet that task of self-translation is also arduous and often boring, and all self-translators dream about hiperttexto able to delegate the hipretexto to someone else.

She liked comparing one language to the other, the for- mal exercise of finding equivalents and suggestions, so much so that she was becoming addicted to the process of creation-translation-revision.

Translated by Cameron J. If travel literature can be analyzed for its contribution to the idea of nation, literature in general, and Basque literature in particular, might be a space out of which one might begin to break a monolithic conception of the Basque nation. She was at a crossroads. In truth, he never fully learned it.


Many people in my city which has two names, one in Spanish and the other in Basque thought I was born in a more Basque-speaking place since, until now, being from Vitoria -Gasteiz and speaking Basque did not seem to quite match.

On ne parle pas le francophone.

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This is how my literary projection then splits and starts on a new course that implies my own translating of my works in Basque and Spanish. However, it is also true that translations in the other direction, namely, Euskara into other languages, have been few in number around two hundred in total. Here we come face to face with a poetic voice that contends that writing in Euskara is an act of freedom, creative activity that, according to Arregi, must flee the typical image of a writer in a minority language, from the sup- posed exoticism that this language imprints on the writer.

I am also indebted to the conference organizing committee, made up of the writer Bernardo Atxaga who, during the academic year —8, was our William A. In soccer terms, the score was 12 to 3. Some people mistook the language for a cow, and ran after it with the bucket of profitability, to see how much they could squeeze from the teat.

la inter textualidad by Andrea Olivares Santillana on Prezi

Those were years of repression in which people were imprisoned for almost any reason, and the family knew of those distant days when some of the townsfolk had been punished by shaving their heads for having spoken in Basque. The same applies to other countries and other cultural fields. Hipertfxto an economist might say, it is a matter of optimization, achieving the best pos- sible results while expending minimal resources.

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