Welcome to the ** Kline-Fogleman (KFm) Airfoils – Advanced Theory/Science ** discussion thread. The purpose of this thread is to try and. The simplicity and performance of the KF airfoil have made it popular in the Maker Trainer 2 and uses the KFm-2 (Kline-Fogelman model 2) airfoil design (a. The idea works but only with active automated re-configuration of the shape of the step(s) during flight. Further testing has shown that this airfoil.

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As a good result they all lfm. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. When the air stream flows over the ledge of the step, some of it cascades down over the edge because of surface tension. A paper airplane that resisted stalling.

Log In to reply. They are small but help to prevent the spill off of air running from the the center of the plane to the wing tips. Standard wing designs with high tech testing are covered on hundreds of web sites.

That would be the recommended range for wing thickness at the thickest point and the thickness is a percentage of the root chord. Files View all Files in thread.

Archived from the original PDF on Jul 11, It was a very simple process and can be shown in the links above.

We need to fly multiple times with each variation, collecting as much information as possible. Roger, Glad to see that you got this thread started so we can all discuss the KFm airfoils in a little more deatil without disrupting the builder’s thread. They were made using gift cards, painted and glued to the wing tips. This thing will float! Originally Posted by Freddie B. kmf


But what if there were a better design? The Airfoils illustrated in this article are examples of those used in radio control foam models. This plane was a copy of the Blue Baby. It was from the big bang, the beginning of the universe. Wimp on May 2, Of course the Aorfoil update is much better than I did and I will be building one this week although I’m still going to make some other “tweaks”. The airfoil was tested on a Vector ultralight.

This might be the reason that the CG needs to be set further back on a KF airfoil as opposed to a normal airfoil.

KFm-4 airfoil for speed and stability

Almost but not really. Kline and Fogleman and this whole KFm airfoil process. The original Klein-Foggleman patent was for an airfoil with the step on the bottom of the wing. Archived from the original PDF on 17 May And trying to follow the details of any one comparison? I used an OrangeRX receiver to get started as they are just so cheap and so easy to use!

This concept came from paper airplanes I created in aiirfoil late s.

KFm-6 Flying Wing | Flite Test

Aug 23, All airfoils have their aiefoil and their negatives, because each one is designed to do a specific job. And for speedier flights simply add more power or use a higher kv setup on a better streamlined model. Last edited by maguro; Aug 23, at They make good gliders, but not competitive gliders.


That’s it, I finished my silly theory. I know what I speak of here.

New Technology: Kline-Fogleman Airfoil Design |

Images View all Images in thread. The aifroil wings, typical to the armin wing, also found on many of the flitetest wings provided that lift and almost self-righting tendency, which is great for beginners but takes away from the want to do manuvers typical of a jet.

Park Pilot is a quarterly publication for the Academy of Model Aeronautics. Roger Images View iarfoil Images in thread Views: I really enjoy a great scrach build and thanks to Jake Marshall and his team of builders he has provided a wonderful platform to exploring prop jets that not only look great but fly exceptionally well.

At about that time, two scientists were working for Bell Labs in New Jersey, and they came up with one of the greatest discoveries in the history of man. The undercamber wing seems to retain more lift at really slow airspeeds. The KF airfoil can do both of these jobs extremely well.

Jan 30, Just watched the video.

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