Home>FILTRES>KIT REVISION>KIT 3 FILTRES ADAPTABLE LOMBARDINI FOCS ET PROGRESS AVEC CARTOUCHE GO. (except where indicated in this manual). • Stop the engine before Diesel engine: LOMBARDINI mod. LDW FOCS • Keep the diesel engine running . FOCS Workshop Manual_cod. _1° ed_ rev. CHAPTER INDEX – This manual contains pertinent information regarding the repair of LOMBARDINI .

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Push rod A to the right and keep it in this position; see figure.

WORKSHOP MANUAL 1003 FOCS Engine Series – lombardini service

Tighten screws 1 and 2 at a torque of 1,1 Nm. Table of contents General Service Notes Wntretien Service Manual Notes The revised sections of the Service Manual are shown in Table 1. Crankshaft, lubrication lines Caution — Warning During repairs, when compressed air is used it is important to wear protective goggles. Remove the O-ring in contact with the non-return valve and replace it with the appropriate gasket – equipment component part ref. Connecting Tod, Weight Thickness of half-rings is equal to 2.

General Safety During Operating Phases When refitting tighten the screw at a torque of 80 Nm. Couple the piston to the connecting rod inserting the tocs, after lubricating it, just via thumb pressure.


Only clean the coolant system when the engine is at a standstill. Once the check has been completed, remove the gasket and refit the O-ring. Diesel Engine Oil CF. Unscrew the two fastening screws 5 that fix the E. Apres Les 50 Premieres Heures Alternator, Marelli Type Aa R 14v 45a Important This indicates particularly important technical information that should not be ignored.


Caution – Warning In countries in which AGIP products are not available, find an equivalent product with specifications: Never carry out any operation whilst lombardinu engine is running. Piston clearance Determinare the value A of each piston using a dial indicator to measure the difference between the two surfaces piston crown and upper cylinder surface. Refill the tank with fresh fuel. Plunger Injection Pump Reassembly It is advisable to apply a few drops of silicon sealant on the surface of the gasket slot 2.

To carry out the delivery equalisation of the injection pumps see page Lock the limiter using the lock nut. Warnungszeichen – Sicherheitsvorschriften Fully screw in flow limiter C. B and that of the rocker arm holes diam.

Lombardini Diesel Engine Part Manual Ldw 1404

Injector, Spark Arrester Tighten the screws to specified torque, see “Table of tightening torques for the main components” on page The spongy filtering material in oil-cooled air filters must not be soaked in oil. In order to replace the ring gear, it is necessary to disassemble the flywheel.


Rotate the crankshaft until the unit injector cam lobe 2 forces the cam follower 1 to the highest position, then insert a suitable sized hardened pin into the hole 3 and rotate the crankshaft until the cam follower 1 is at the lowest position. Kawasaki Engine Service Manual To protect the environment in which we all live, Kawasaki has incorporated Display of fault codes from engine governor and SAM 3.

Use compressed air to clean the inside of the lines. Premessa – Clausola Di Garanzia The half-rings must be assembled with the slots A as in the figure. Starter Motor – Bosch Dw 12v 1,1 Kw When reassembling, apply some Moly-slip antiseizure compound on the screw thread and tighten at Nm.

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