Archi''s Acres in Valley Center, California

Stand for the Troops Archis Acres
HEADLINE: Farm helps war vets cope with combat stress CAPTION: Archi''s Acres in Valley Center, California is one of about twenty work therapy programs, supported the Department of Veterans Affairs, that includes a gardening program. Combat veterans say their work there helps them cope with the stress of having been in war. (Dec. 18) [Notes:ANCHOR VOICE] NB. THIS IS A VOICEOVER TRANSCRIPT, NOT A FULL SHOT LIST. [Notes:VALLEY CENTER CA] THE WORK IN THIS CALIFORNIA GREENHOUSE IS ABOUT FAR MORE THAN THE PLANTS GROWN HERE. (sot: ANTHONY LINCON/COMBAT VETERAN) (4:19) Working out here in the country, miles away from the city, it''s beautiful, it''s relaxing. This type of work, gardening, getting your hands in the mix, it all helps. It''s kind of a therapeutic atmosphere. FOR VETERANS LIKE ANTHONY LINCON, THIS FARM PROVIDES A JOB AND HELPS HIM COPE WITH THE TRAUMA OF SEEING WAR. (SOT: LINCON) (4:03) Everybody here has been in combat and we kind of share that as a brotherhood. And we communicate in a different way than civilians do also. COLIN ARCHIPLEY CREATED ARCHI''S ACRES. AS A MARINE, HE WAS PART OF THE INITIAL INVASION OF IRAQ, AND SAW PLENTY OF COMBAT. (sot: Colin Archipley/Archi''s Acres) (2:24) You know we have a hard time relating to people back home. ARCHIPLEY AND HIS WIFE BOUGHT THE LAND WHILE HE WAS STILL IN THE MARINES. AFTER RETURNING HOME, HE DITCHED PLANS TO START A REAL ESTATE BUSINESS--SAYING HE WAS TOO AGITATED FOR THAT KIND OF CAREER. (sot: archipley) (2:04) The farm and agriculture can provide a naturally decompressive environment. Still get us in the routine of 9-5 coming to work, but put us in a non-aggressive, non-threatening environment with other people that we can relate to that we can talk through things and that we don''t feel judged. THE DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS AGREES AND SUPPORTS SUPPORTS ABOUT 20 WORK THERAPY PROGRAMS THAT HAVE GARDENING PROGRAMS--INCLUDING THIS ONE. (sot: archipley) (2;33) We teach em skills and then we set them up with employers out in the community to provide them long term training and employment. THE V-A IS DISCUSSING REPLICATING THE SUCCESSES AT ARCHI''S ACRES AT FARMS ACROSS THE COUNTRY. You can license this story through AP Archive: out more about AP Archive:

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