The proposed amendments and adoptions of rules in Chapters 10A NCAC 13B Licensing of Hospitals and 10A NCAC 13C Licensing of. 10A NCAC 13B – General Requirements: Access and Safety. 10A NCAC 13B – Construction Requirements: Special Care Unit. 10A NCAC 13B MECHANICAL REQUIREMENTS (a) Prior to occupancy of the facility, the facility shall obtain documentation verifying that all mechanical.

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The case manager shall be responsible for promoting the program’s responsiveness to the needs of the patient and shall participate in all team conferences concerning the patient’s progress toward the accomplishment of specified goals. These minutes shall reflect the transactions, conclusions and recommendations of the meetings.

If the parent or guardian directs that discharge be made otherwise, he shall so state in writing, and the statement shall become a part of the permanent medical record of the patient. Inpatient rehabilitation facilities providing services to persons with traumatic brain injuries shall meet the requirements in this Rule in addition to those identified in this Section.

In all cases 13bb Department ncax give the licensee written notice of the amendment of the license. Hospitals shall complete the following evaluation protocols prior to living organ donation:.

Formal appointment for membership and granting of clinical privileges shall follow procedures set forth in the by-laws, rules or regulations of the medical staff. These tasks shall be performed under the direct supervision of a registered 113b. They shall be aware of the signs 31b symptoms of hypovolemia due to post-operative bleeding or to excessive diuresis.

Rule Actions

Areas not indicated as having continuous directional control may have ventilation systems shut down when space is unoccupied and ventilation is not otherwise needed.


Frequency of visits of the consultant dietitian shall be defined in the contract. The notice shall include:. Commencing with the reporting period ending September 30,an annual data report shall be submitted that includes all sites operated by the licensed hospital.


If the physician restricts the patient’s access to information in the patient’s medical record, the physician shall record the reasons on the patient’s medical record. These procedures shall require the following:. Included is information which may have a significant impact on the individual’s condition or expected outcome such as family conferences or major events jcac to the patient.

10q chairman of this committee shall serve as director of emergency medical services. All governing body members shall execute a conflict of interest statement.


Board of Medical Examiners to practice medicine. It ncad the purpose of these requirements to promote the interests and well-being of the patients in facilities subject to this Subchapter even in those instances where the interests of the patients may be in opposition to the interests of the facility. Financial assistance includes free or discounted health services provided to persons who meet ncav organization’s criteria for financial assistance and are unable to pay for all or a portion of the services.

The medical staff bylaws, rules or regulations may grant limited or full voting rights to any one or more of these other membership categories. The IDAT leader shall not be a physician who is the primary physician of the potential transplant recipient. Filed as a Temporary Amendment Eff.

The facility shall provide for pharmaceutical services which are administered in accordance with the pharmacy laws ncax North Carolina including but not limited to G. Inpatient rehabilitation facilities providing services to persons with spinal cord injuries shall meet the requirements in this Rule in addition to those identified in this Section. Prevailing winds, adjacent buildings, and discharge velocities shall be taken into account nvac designing such outlets.


A facility may appeal any decision of the Department to deny, revoke or amend a license or any decision nca suspend admissions by making such an appeal in accordance with G.

At no time shall direct care nursing staff be less than two full-time equivalents, one of which shall be a registered nurse.

Written information on the living donor process shall be made available to the potential donor. Areas that do require positive and continuous control are noted with “Out” or “In” to indicate the required direction of air movement in relation to the space named. The facility shall establish and maintain written policies and procedures for the services offered. If the director of nutrition and dietetic services is not a registered dietitian, there shall be an established method of communication between the director and the dietitian which ensures that the dietitian supervises the nutritional aspects of patient care and ensures that quality nutritional care is provided to patients.

January 18, ; Eff.

NC DHSR: Hospital and Ambulatory Surgical Facility Rules

The nutrition and dietetic services shall be organized, directed, staffed and integrated with other facility departments to provide optimal nutritional therapy and quality food service to patients. The facility shall develop and make available to the employee a written job description for each type of job in the facility, including the chief executive officer and heads of departments.

Access shall be restricted only for sound medical reason. The Commission will receive written objections until ncad

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