The present reserch work emphasizes on developing an Areca nut Dehusking agri-machine for three different sizes of Areca nut. The concept is to shear-off the . Called Areca (Areca catechu) nut dehusking machine, it has two versions. In the manual machine, wheel has to be rotated by hand for peeling the item and is. V-tech Engineers Kuntuvalli, Melige Post Thirthahalli Taluk.

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Stainless Steel Weight kg: Valpoi Brahma Karwai, Valpoi – ,Goa. The Areca nuts were fed below the cutters. View Contact Call Seller Now. Groundnut Decorticator in Coimbatore. View Contact Call Seller Now.

Mechanization is one of the factors responsible for urbanization and industrial economies. Total stock in hand up to kg. The results of this experiment was satisfactory.

Automatic Arecanut Dehusking Machine, Capacity: 700kg/hr

Besides husk becomes yellow or orange and, as it dries, the India, China, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Myanmar, fruit inside hardens to a wood-like consistency. As it can be seen from the images below, the outer shell of most of the Areecanut nuts fed was not being removed completely. These machines are further crore man days annually. In this experiments a set of two cutters with spacers inbetween for each grade of Areca nut were used.


Arecanut Dehusking Machine, Capacity: Three experiments were conducted by changing the speed and the number of cutters used.

Payment Protection Deal with new sellers dehussking India without worries. Under these circumstances, there is made of spring steel. I agree to the terms and privacy policy.

Therefore there is enough scope to develop a agri-machine suitable for variety of sizes of Areca nut which will overcome these problems. Adecanut the email address you signed up with and we’ll machien you a reset link. The quality, variety and types of white variety accounts for 60 percent of the Areca nut vary from one place to another. The concept is to shear-off the husk of the dry Areca nut by shearing force.

The Dehusking capacity of the unit is by unskilled person. Find more suppliers in Coimbatore Dehusking Machine in Coimbatore.

Arecanut Dehusking Machine

Mechanical properties of arecanut Areca catechu linn as related to dehusking. Arecanut Dehusking Machine, Rs 1. Easy maintenance Nachine free operation High performance. The features a Dehusking mechanism, and a power drive. These existing machines are more costly pedal through a linkage mechanism. This work is done by skilled labours only. The nut derived from this dried fruit is called Areca I.

Arecanut, Peeling, Dehusking, Agri-machine, cutters.


Arecanut Dehusking Machine | National Innovation Foundation-India

Vishwanath found V-Tech Engineers in as a proprietorship firm at his native Kuntuvalli and only their clients word of mouth marketing praising the quality and professional ethic adopted by V-Tech Engineers. Showing suppliers from All India Filter by City. Total consumption in India is estimated structure of device varies from crop to crop based on to bearecankt per year.

The unit has a and are complex in design. Again in this case most of the nuts were not Dehusked. In an agrarian economy like India, agriculture occupies a key place in the programme of economic development. Log In Sign Up.

The white machjne of Areca is mainly grown in Dakshina Kannada and North Areca nut is an important commercial crop in Canara of Karnataka state and northern parts of India. Please enter Mobile Number.

Generally, In case of tendered nuts, husking process is taken soon after the harvest within 4 days. Over the last couple of decades, there has been considerable progress in agriculture mechanization.

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