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The promise of intensive sex scenes certainly sparked my interest, but the initial premise of the characters also caught my eye. The teenager girl is manipulative, cold, calculating, and completely unmoved my humanity. I liked that he wouldn’t let her have wine because she was too young “drink your lemonade” but he’d fuck her.

She lives with her aunt and uncle who “don’t understand her”, and spends time drawing pornographic and sadistic sketches where she is the one in control and inflicting pain and humiliation on her female school friends. Coote, refreshingly, examines the disturbing moral aspects without succumbing to a hamfisted, moralistic denouement. The plot is simple: On the other hand, Tampa, a book that is in cahty same line with Innocents, is brutally honest and dramatic.

Books by Cathy Coote and Complete Book Reviews

There are some relationships that just shouldn’t work. This is by far my most favorite book on the planet. At 16, orphaned, insecure and battling with her demons and obsessions, she sought solace in her sketches, but they were in turn detrimental. Ironically, for me, Innocents was a hollow and horribly pretentious wreck. There are many stand out lines and turns of phrase, which is typically the bread and butter of a novel for me.


The sexuality and vulgerness was definitely a tough cahty for me to get over while reading it, but as I kept reading, I saw past it. This was not about romance, but about manipulation and control.

A year old girl falls for her year old teacher, a la Lolita.

Unless you want to feel more sane by comparing yourself to this protagonist, but seriously, this is one of those highly tabooed, epitome-of-fucked-up kinda books Innocents, what misleadingly simple title This is not what I was expecting from this book. But this forme Holy ciote Unlike Nutting, she didn’t manage to convince and grasp the readers.

Jul 01, Lizzie Liu rated it it was amazing.

Cathy Coote | Kirkus Reviews

While repetitive at times, the writing is generally phenomenal. This read like a smut novel rather than a young adult or romance novel. Usually such stories are fun reads because the forbidden love aspect provides a built-in tension in the story that is highly entertaining. Nov 05, Crystal rated it liked it.

Our male lead has gone full animal after he catches her naked in a window, purposely sticking her butt out for him to look at, and he ties her up and takes her from behind. The ascent of my reason from the animal ways of infanthood served only to give a form to coore state, as a painter gives shape to coite colour. After this first encounter she pretty much moves in with the teacher and they begin a very graphic sexual relationship. This book is perverted, disgusting, and disturbing.

Instead, I just found myself rolling my eyes waaaay too much. She mentioned the names of many others, but not the girl and the teacher. Nov 30, Tamara rated it really liked it. This is a story and it is a game. This story is not for everyone, and I believe many people will have difficulty identifying with the characters, given their eccentricities. She’s 16, the student and the aggressor.


Cathy Coote

catyh Pulled in by the darker subject matter and the short length, I’m glad I didn’t have to devote more time to this, but would have happily done so given a little more depth and a little less repetition. This book graphically details a sexual relationship between a year-old girl and her year-old high school English teacher.

I knew that I am a kind of Holy Innocent, after all. But, isn’t fiction supposed to be slightly unrealistic? Return to Book Page.

The norm in Western Societies is to place all of the blame on the male involved if the relationship presents itself as a male teacher and female student. Sep 28, Caraleigh rated it it was amazing.

Instead of the student being all virginal, it was the teacher. The characters never face real challenges, not even in the graphic, hard-to-swallow climactic copte that is followed by a weird albeit atypical ending. Her uncle she’s orphaned, imagine that finds her sketch book, casts her aside, forcing her to conveniently skip off to move in with the bookish teacher that lives a block or so over. She leaves the aunt and uncle who are her guardians and moves in with her teacher; together, they quickly embark on a journey into their darkest desires.

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