The Circle of Reason A saga of flight and pursuit, this novel chronicles the adventures of Alu, a young master weaver who is wrongly suspected of being a. The Circle of Reason is the first novel by Indian writer Amitav Ghosh. It was published in Awards[edit]. The Circle of Reason won the prestigious Prix. The Circle of Reason: Amitav Ghosh: His first novel, The Circle of Reason (), follows an Indian protagonist who, suspected of being a terrorist, leaves India.

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An early work of the writer, this has a flavour of the literature of Bengal where the author originates from, with the first part reminiscent of the works of many great authors of the land in its style, language and geason in the humour, the imagery and the motivation of the characters, the conflicts.

Ho imparato che lingua e cultura uniscono e dividono a ogni latitudine, che tante storie che noi crediamo tipiche della nostra cultura occidentale sono il frutto di una Mi sono lasciato cullare da questo romanzone, lungo quasi pagine. The journey depicted is hardly a circle, it is not even closed at any level be it conceptual or geographical – he travels from Reason to Passion to Death while moving from rural and capital scenario of Bengal to northern shores of Indian Ocean at Al Ghezhira to coasts of Africa, ending across from Amigav after the last episode at an Algiers small town.

In bringing forth these images, Ghosh uses beautiful language with just enough humor. I know it’s cultural, but I think in his more recent books, he has a better editor, gbosh the more recent books read more fluently and cleanly. I wish I had read this book before Rreason read all the others by Amitav Ghosh. Circpe most recent novel, Sea of Poppies, is the first volume of anitav Ibis Trilogy. With only a hazy idea of the future,there is still abundant faith and hope.

I cannot but agree with Srikanth’s characterization of Ghosh as an ambitious author who surrounds himself with his brilliant ideas and characters but fails to pick on one amitsv theme or set of characters to develop.

Had it been any other Author, I would have given two stars. I couldn’t finish it. The story was all about the scandalous hops of the protagnonist, named Alu from his native village in Bengal to a brief stay in Southern India, where he befriends his accomplices and friends and sails to a bustling port in Middle East, all in order to escape the clutches of a rather perpetually bewildered policeman Jyoti Das, who rwason set off as a hungry hound by the authorities, all thanks to the false allegations of the scheming Bhudeb Roy.


At the center of the story thematically is The Life of Pasteur – a book that changes hands numerous times, inspiring carbolic acid washes of entire village streets and a neighborhood that operates without the use of money.

The Circle of Reason

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I took away a star cause the book dragged a bit towards the end. There were things that I expected from him based on his teaching style and the books that he chose for us to read and some of those expectations were met. Amitav Ghosh’s First book is an indication of great things to come.

Jul 17, Molshri rated it liked it. It has all the characteristics one has come to expect of reaso Amitacv Rdason novel – deep research, great narration with such level of detail that it feels like an impressionist painting, a significant item or thought, The Life of Louis Pasteur in this case, that binds all the main characters who travel through time on their own paths which Ghosh conspires to ensure cross during some time in the story and connections to Benga I ghossh I had read this book before I read all the others by Amitav Ghosh.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. As you start relating to the circlf, the story The story starts promisingly with an orphaned boy- Alu, reasoh is sent to live with his uncle in a small village with his ‘rationalist’ uncle who is obsessed with Louis Pasteur, germs and carbolic acid.

But in fact he does what he is told, toes the line, hopes to get up the ranks, hopes mainly that he can spend as much time as possible with birds.

Open Preview See a Problem? But progress is never unopposed and nor is reason or rreason faculties of humanity, and here too there is the landlord literally that is the meaning of his name as well, in another bit of humour who is more cirdle political power and cares for progress or education only in so much as it serves his purpose. Mar 30, Martha rated it did not like it Shelves: The history of cotton and weaving becomes central to Shombhu Debnath and phrenology to Balaram Bose.

Feb 19, Priya rated it really amtav it. There is mention of Ronald Ross and his association with Calcutta which is the central theme of The Calcutta Chromosome. Even simple descriptions of Balaram Bose’s house and how it looks with the light filtering through coconut palms and lemon trees is so vivid that even someone like me with no creative genes can visualise it.


This could have been a much shorter book with some movement in the story in the last one-third, which I really missed. Amitav Ghosh takes you through an unusual journey through different but hostile parts of the world or each part is The strange motley of characters made this a very interesting read.

The Circle of Reason by Amitav Ghosh

There was barely anyone left to care about. He divides his time between Kolkata, Goa and Brooklyn. Here is the worst part and what made me throw this book across the room.

There were certainly elements that were taken the whole way through by way of continuity but they were a cameosa to the theme. AG gives us a work that is not only technically amazing,following the form of an Indian raga,but also outstanding in the finely nuanced depth circlee his characters in his frank but compassionate presentation.

Mar 30, Lakshmi rated it liked it. Alu and his companions are constantly being pulled into This was Amitav Ghosh’s first novel, and in this I saw the start of the style which led to amitva complex intertwining of characters and tales in his more recent books. Narayan created a number of characters and each of them had a central role in a story that had a single plot that ensured that it was easy reading while at the same time allowed for each of those stories and characters to be developed over time beyond Malgudi.

Here one sees humanity from many parts of world arriving in search of a livelihood, living together and adjusting to the land and one another, in harmony until the nameless and ominous Oilmen finally are successful in taking over – not without a gunning down and wiping out of a whole populace wrongly – perhaps deliberately – labeled suitably for the purpose as troublemakers, revolutionaries, whatever.

As you start relating to the characters, the story shifts from West Bengal to Al-Gazira and you are faced with a whole new set of characters and their histories. This is a strange novel.

The plot has quite a few twists, and Ghosh manages to fairly seamlessly include a village squabble, weaving, phrenology and physiognomy, a man obsessed with carbolic acid, the life of Louis Pasteur, a theory on queues, a comparison between communism and capitalism, a self-immolation, an attack with boiling oil, a building collapse, the Hindu epic Mahabharata and sewing machines.

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