Pyrapoint [Don E. Hall] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. I SUBMIT TO YOU THAT THE PYRAPOINT SYSTEM IS THE PRINCIPLE WHICH. Pyrapoint Book6-final — GANN (PYRAPOINT DON E. HALL Published by Halliker’s, r). Is anyone using the “Pyrapoint System” developed by Don E. Hall? Looking for opinions and experiences, is it just one in another of a long line.

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Hi Could you post some examples. Even then, you will likelybe in trouble when you need to increase to the next level in price. Use this slider bar to adjust the transparency of the tool. Admittedly it has been a bigger undetaking than we thought, but we are about there. When should I expect my next trend change?

Create your own flipbook. Here are some words by Don Hall creator of Pyrapoint: It is our conclusion that Gann had to realize this from his personal trips to Egypt, asthe author personally did when in Cairo and associated areas that he had the privilege to study,in the area all along the Nile River. The opposite is obviously true for an upside break.

It also has the characteristic that it is divided evenly infourths, eighths, sixteenths, etc.

Is anyone using the “Pyrapoint System” developed by Don E. Line Style – The Line Style property allows you to adjust the type of line displayed. Can elect to display the time display label as either a bar count or date.

Un-tick this checkbox to hide the tool from the chart. Fellow trader, as soon as we are convinced that we have given you a fair and usablebackground as to the reasons, the core data, and the use of the PYRAPOINT technique, it is ourintention to share with you enough charts to be examples of the principles to which we haveaddressed.


Pyrapoint By Don Hall

Hi thanks for your chart ,i don’t know it is it related to gann grid study? We do not propose that what we watch is even named asanother entity. Service Terms and Refund Policy. Date Time Of Last Edit: Pyrpoint, I am in midst of apologies for delay—we are expanding — keeping Ensign, bu t ading Pyraplint Trading with new code refinements and addtions.

RSI setting at This needs to be in the time frame in which we are currentlycharting.

Never buy just because the price of a commodity is low or sell short just because theprice is high. Take only signals, which are in agreement with scheduled trend.

Also, you should consider looking at Pyrapoiint if you are are trader. This should not materially change your understanding nor your learning of the study. If you have adjusted any of the Pyrapoint Properties colour, for example you can save the adjustments as your new default setting.

This included the quarries where the granite was perfectlyformed to Phi proportions, evident in the manner of relationship of the height to base, and whichare reported to weigh literally tons. This will be most evident in the charting to follow. Where should I add to my position? The most common example is to use one unit of TIME be it daily, hourly,weekly, or whatever unit selected and to plot one unit of PRICE on the 90 degreeaxis for a cross graph.

In our example then, on a daily chart, we would compute TIME on a parallelmode of operation, and get 20 days for the time portion of the square. Neither would we be comfortable in presenting ourselves as the ultimate egocentric, whoafter 37 years, has suddenly awakened in the dead of night with a philanthropic dream ofbecoming famous after this long time.

In Conclusion – Example: Without further belaboring the point, one can see how Pythagoras and the Hypotenuse Rule opened the door for Pyrapoint: Thanks Crazybears for your reply, Actually Pyrapoint is a simple Gann geometry thing you developers would have not problem with this very, very useful tool. The Code counts time, plots price, and gives objectives for eachall calculated and oh, yes, with targets supporting VERY close stops. Not as much seems to be known of these Egyptian studies. We do believe that we may well be among the firstto offer a plan to harness this information for our trading excellence.


Truly, for many reasons including available money it is notfor everyone. It is our intent to leave you void of the feeling described above, and ratherwith a feeling of fulfillment, encouragement, and profit orientation — and it is ourdesire to do so with no image of selfishness.

Knowledge Base

Gann did will give a trader the best edge at trading von is available today –perhaps the best known to man! The charts will truly act as words. We believe that we have accomplished this. We have described itin seminars as being akin to riding a bicycle — once it snaps into place, it will all stay with youfor life — hopefully a life of successful trading.

It is also true pyrqpoint you subtract. Please be advised that these charts are taken from our daily work and are examplesof our ongoing analogy. The intent is to show you multiple applications of our rules for entry, exit, and for stops.

Support Board

Therefore, we shall be most concerned with the above. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Jeeeez what is all that on those charts?? Protect each objective with a stop of your discretion — we use 3.

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