Duncton Wood (The Duncton Chronicles) [William Horwood] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Duncton Wood is the title of the first novel by . Download the The Duncton Chronicles audiobook series and listen anywhere, anytime on your iPhone, Android or Windows device. Get the Audible Audio. This series of six novels was published over a thirteen years, starting with Duncton Wood in It’s a story of spiritual quest, with all the trials and triumphs of.

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I started it mainly to humour my husband who read this book at school and said I would like it.

It’s okay to have some stereotypes in a strongly plot driven book, but this one isn’t strong enough to keep you from noticing that so many characters have little to no depth. And over the years, I have also passed it on to several friends and nodding acquaintances and in each any case my paperback has never been returned. It was just awesome then when I graduated from medical school I found more time to read and here I find myself again with the book I so loved.

Duncton Wood – Wikipedia

Praise for Udncton Wood. Guys, this is honestly just one of the best, most underrated and under-read fantasy novels ever written.

The fantastical elements are wonderfully subtle though and sit in the middle of the main narrative very comfortably, without being over the top of feeling shoehorned in. There is something beautiful and sacred I will keep about Bracken and Boswell that I might cuncton let myself completely come to terms with in the later generation.

Duncton Wood by William Horwood book review

Of course Stonor has a human element and I need to check the extent that has dated, if at all, since publication in the mid-Eighties. Could we work with that, or would that impinge on dunctob attendees who might work weekdays? Apr 25, Kari Meyer rated it it was ok.


Nothing short of an epic. James, a previous questioner here, raised the issue of audio books for my titles. The narrative begins with Bracken, outside in a dncton and finally coming to terms with himself.

First off, loved Duncton Wood like I will probably not love another book in my lifetime. The characters are lovable, you will really care what happens to them and the world they inhabit underground is well developed to the point of fascinating. Dunction Tales takes place generations in the future, following Duncton Found.

I’m surprised that they don’t receive that acclaim that they deserve, hopefully one day they will. We are told for instance that the Duncton council of Elders did “business” at their meetings, but not of what nature that business is, or really what the elders did at all.

This book was given to me, I didn’t really think that I would enjoy a story about moles but I loved it and didn’t want it to end. Very dunctonn written tale. Truth is indeed stranger than fiction. I read Duncton Wood many years ago and at first thought I would find it difficult to apprehend the moles being the characters, how wrong was I.

I thought I posted a question last Friday, but it’s not appeared – maybe that means it’s just pending until you answer it, or maybe I managed to send it into the ether, somehow A strong story of love. The magnificent sequel to the worldwide best seller Duncton Wood.

There is also undoubtedly a spiritual element in his work, indeed Horwood is one of the few writers I know who can accurately portray a religious experience without either following too far into one religious tradition, or turning it into a pure fantasy of angels and sudden ghostly lights.

In essence this is a love story between Bracken and Rebecca, but it is also the story of duncto violence and hatred can wodo overcome. Perhaps I’m not anymore. Published February 27th dunctonn Arrow first published January 1st Links related to Duncton Wood on WilliamHorwood.


I have read it many times and I never tire of it. I’ve taught for 30 years and regularly give my students either Skallagrigg or Callanish.

Duncton Wood

Sort of Lord of the Rings for moles, and yes it’s as weird as that sounds. If you read it from the wrong mindset or point of view, I can see how it might not work as well, but for anyone who still holds out hope for a whimsical, powerful, unquenchable love, this book connects to your inner-most longings and brings them powerfully to life.

I used to be one of those people. Luke from Durham, north England The duncton series as a hole was a series which was recommended to me at the age of twelve, but which I only managed to track down four years later. He was brought up on the south-east coast of England and attended Bristol University where he g Although the book in some ways follows a series of relatively predictable narrative arcs, it is well written and I realised part way through that I really did not know what would happen next, for me a mark of a really great novel.

The writing is a pleasure to read and the author is not afraid to face the ‘realities’ of life for a small country mammal like a mole, with beloved characters being killed off with little emotion but a great deal of effectiveness. The person laughed or they didn’t, insisting it’s funny won’t change that. Mar 17, Lynn Mccarthy rated it it was amazing Shelves:

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