Camax stock and supply Elster A’s in either 5A Current Transformer Connection or A Direct Connection. This document is intended as a guide to help Suppliers of Elster Metering Systems Your Elster A Meter has been chosen by your Service Provider to . A Three-phase CT Meter available at MWA Technology. Speedy delivery from direct Rating. A, Elster three phase electricity CT meter, 5/10/ A.

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A time and date stamp of the three most recent non-fatal error events is recorded where possible. Customers outside the UK: Security Features The meter detects and stores the number of reverse running events to a maximum of Page 62 Frequency Phase A After 3pm, please arrange with our staff before selecting a priority delivery service.

I think you’re far more savvy when it comes to setting up these monitors but I am trying to do something similar so I was interested to read of your experience. When you have chosen the folder: Try measuring the period between pulses rather than counting pulses over a period of time, this will give you a faster indication of direct power measurement.

A1140 Three-phase CT Meter

It also allows other parameters shown opposite to be entered. Be the first to review this product.

The set up elsteg the communications type etc. Load profiling — The A can be set to observe daylight savings See 3. Sign up for our newsletter now. If you’re up for it try writing your own software for the Emonpi, there appears to be plenty of info available here on the interfaces etc.


ELSTER A1140 Maximum Demand Meter

Follow steps 6 to 9 to connect the next meter in the chain Rs Multi-drop Mode Hi, Yes sorry, I’m in Devon, England: Ensure that the chosen pulse value and pulse width leaves adequate gaps between pulses at maximum meter loads. Changing Passwords This allows the password for a User to be changed. In practice it’s unlikely you’ll do any harm to the RS interface with wrong connections, so if you have an idea of the baud rate it can’t do any harm just using a terminal emulator on the PC and finding the correct connections by trial and error.

Use the Delete option from the Users menu list to delete the selected User.

This Scheme may be used to program a number of different meters elser the same Tariff and Display sequence. The port allows access to the same data as the optical port, using the same protocol. Context Menu with the options shown opposite becomes available.

It should be simple enough to record my single phase consumption this part of the Emonpi worksrecord my generation, and derive import and export arithmetically. These diagrams are examples only. You can even manage your booking online and re-arrange delivery for another date or arrange the goods to be left with a neighbour of your choice.


Alternatively the data can be exported in a file format that is suitable for being transferred into an MV90 system. The meter stores all registration and configuration data to non-volatile memory. For more information on delivery, please see our terms and conditions. The Password is initially set to Elster. Power Master Unit Power Master Unit meter compatibility does not allow different meter types to be programmed by the same scheme, therefore a separate manual support’s each application.

Elster A Bespoke GPRS/GSM/SMS Wireless ASL Modem (UK)

I’m in the UK, the generation meter is required as we have to post the readings up every month in order to get paid for the power we generate. All information required to program a meter is ekster in the Help. There is a wide range of antennae, each with their own characteristics for use with GSM modems. Readings The A can be programmed to record up to four values from any of the rising demand registers at the end of each integration period.

It definitely sounds slster if what you’ve been doing is beyond my ken! IEC Port 3.

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