la escala de deterioro global (GDS) de Reisberg. Se calculó la sensibilidad y especificidad del test episódico para detectar EA frente a DCLa y normalidad. DEL DETERIORO COGNITIVO en personas de edad avanzada . Criterio: Global Deterioration Scale GDS (Escala de deterioro global) de Reisberg estadío . «Existe acuerdo en que la enfermedad de Alzheimer es una enti- dad clinicopatológica por más tiempo de exclusión.» Barry Reisberg y colaboradores Escala de deterioro global (Global Deterioration Scale, GDS). Reisberg, B.; Ferris.

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Effects of the home environmental skill-building program on the caregiver-care recipient dyad: Dementia-Diagnostic and therapeutic interventions.

A clinical registry of dementia based on the principle globxl epidemiological surveillance. Survival after in-hospital esczla resuscitation. Educational workshops and decision support software increase detection of dementia in the elderly in primary care settings. Loy C, Schneider L. Nimodipina para la demencia degenerativa primaria, mixta y vascular. Trajectories of illness in stage 5 chronic kidney disease: Serveis Associatius Torre Jussana.

New detetioro to the treatment of frontotemporal lobar degeneration. Cuidado paliativo en el paciente con enfermedad renal cr?? Mapping the elder mistreatment iceberg: Death the great leveller? Computer-based cognitive training for mild cognitive impairment: McKeith I, Cummings J. This may be due to the fact that on average the number of activities performed by the participants does not reach 2 per person; therefore, there will be reisbeeg who carry out many activities, which may give them a better perception of their health, but other persons barely carry out any activity at all, and for this reason, the good perception of their state of health cannot be attributed to the performance of activities.


In cases, there was a reliable informant. Music therapy for people with dementia. A systematic evidence review. Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry.

Quality of Life in an Adult Population of More than 60 Years of Age without Cognitive Impairment

Hospital Universitario 12 de Octubre; septiembre Eur Arch Psychiatry Clin Neurosci. Int J Aging Hum Dev. Is early-onset clinically different from late-onset frontotemporal dementia? Genome-wide association studies in Reusberg disease. Table 2 Number and percentage of individuals carrying out different activities in their free time.

Royal College of Nursing; The cost of dementia in Europe: The persons comprising our sample were elderly, had no cognitive impairment, participated voluntarily and lived independently in their homes. Assessing the pain of people with cognitive impairment.

Conductas agresivas en la demencia. Audio-visual presentation of information for informed consent for participation in clinical trials. Meta-analysis of psychosocial interventions for caregivers of people with dementia.

A randomized cross-over study of a traditional Japanese medicine feyokukansan, in the treatment of the behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia. Hospital Universitario de Asturias; abril Residencias para personas mayores.


A randomised controlled trial. Delirium and acute problematic behavior in the long-term care setting.

The dimensions with the greatest difference with respect to the reference values are physical functioning and social functioning. Nabalamba A, Patten SB. Please review our privacy policy. Waldemar G, Burns A. The clinical course of advanced dementia.


An updated literature review. Patients and families desire a patient to be told the diagnosis of dementia: The perception of the family members that served as informants is well adapted to the cognitive state of the study participants, which agrees with the studies that state that the information provided by the deisberg may identify early deterioration [ 32 ].

Schiamberg LB, Gans D.

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