A First Course In Linear Algebra by David Easdown, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. A First Course in Linear Algebra by David Easdown. Hints and Short Solutions to Selected Exercises. Chapter 0 Introduction. Observe that. 1. 2(2x + 4) − x. Booktopia has A First Course in Linear Algebra, 3rd Edition by David Easdown. Buy a discounted Book with Other Items of A First Course in Linear Algebra.

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The material is so fundamental in mathematics, and this book covers all the important topics. The author has done an exceptional job providing a modern exposure to linear algebra that is accessible to students of all STEM disciplines.

A First Course in Linear Algebra

Roya marked it as to-read Jun 05, Comments Exercises are provided at the end of each major section, and I found them to be ample both in quantity and in terms of the level of difficulty.

Lyryx develops and supports open texts, with editorial services to adapt the text for each particular course. This book includes a lot of prose to motivate fourse procedures. Theorems, examples and figures are clearly denoted throughout the textbook. Exercises are provided at the end of each major section, and I found them to be ample both in quantity and in terms of the level of difficulty.

While it increases the length of the text, it is done very well.

It is somewhat unnatural to define the subspace of something that is not defined as yet, but sadly it has become somewhat commonplace to do things in this way. I like the way that sections and headings and theorems all are very descriptive, but also numbered, so that they can be easily found. Students get used to the alyebra of solving the problems. Overall, the text is very easy to navigate and visually attractive.


However every topic in sections need not be assigned.

The content is up-to-date and includes applications that are relevant to many of the students’ future plans. No trivia algbera quizzes yet. The sections of the book are easily adaptable.

Few chapters that are interconnected may need extra care to rearrange since students would need to have some basic understand of the concept.

Oliver marked it as to-read Mar 05, For this particular subject, consistency in terminology is essential. Refresh and try again.

About the Book This text, originally by K. Viney Kumar rated it it was amazing Aug 11, Ih added it Mar 02, Aside from a few minor typographical errors the content appears to be very accurate. Ivaan Chan marked it as to-read Apr 06, Once the first 4 chapters are covered it is trivial to reorder the later sections to fit the objectives of your own course. Read this book PDF. Want to Read saving….

While the exposition is quite clear and there are many great examples and explanations, the overall length could be intimidating to some students.

First Course in Linear Algebra | Easdown | The Co-op

I would suggest adding a link in the table of contents to the exercise section of each chapter. The challenge in a linear algebra text is that there are so many definitions to cover in order for the abstract theory to develop. This book contains all of the material that would generally be covered in a Freshman or Sophomore Linear Algebra course.

The presentation of the topics in this book is thorough almost to a fault. Later chapters on linear transformations and spectral theory are presented at a nearly ideal level for such a course and a reasonable selection of applications are included.


Text stays consistent throughout with definitions, solutions and responses.

A First Course In Linear Algebra

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. This text covers all the material an instructor could want to include in an introductory Linear Algebra course. Apollo added it Mar 06, Terminology is always an issue with students in this subject, but the author has used a color scheme to identify definition boxes in the text algevra differentiate them from examples, theorems, etc.

For example, section 2. The text is designed in a modular fashion to maximize flexibility and facilitate adaptation to a given course outline and student profile.

A First Course in Linear Algebra – Open Textbook Library

I found no inconsistencies aside from a few minor issues with incorrect references to theorem numbers ex. Sally Zhu marked it as to-read Qlgebra 17, An inclusion of socially conscious everyday problems may help students with the following question- when would I use this math in real life. The first entry in the first row, 2, is the first leading entry and it is in the first pivot position.

The first three chapters Systems of Equations, Matrices, and Determinants are standard in any introductory Linear Algebra course, but the content of the remainder of such courses varies quite a bit.

Other than this issue with the section inn vector spaces, I found the organization and flow of topics to be quite natural. In addition, connections to topics covered in advanced courses are introduced. This book provides a consistent and mature approach to the topics easdowb each section.

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