Results 1 – 50 gg. RSS: Involved Subbers gg. expand all. +. Ep · Title · Subber · File Size. Quality. Video · Audio. All too frequently, I’ll see a fansub with: * One Join us on Discord! -anime . Even when the video is H with soft subs, why wouldn’t it make . That’s how they’re handled with the His and Her Circumstances DVDs, and also some Ayakashi: Japanese Classic Horror and Mononoke subs I. First episode by gg-fansubs: %5BC52A64B9%5D. torrent Worth to notice that the first episode was aired Friday.

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Especially during the heyday of the Return of the Trolls period nothing was sacred, everything could be laughed at and there were no such thing as a secret except where those secrets would incriminate ourselves.

mihimaru GT -…

Seems not a lot of people are watching this series. Kaiser-Eoghan I’m looking foward to that French animated film about he Cambodian genocide and that Hungarian animated one about the art thief.

Animosh Fahsubs whatever, these kinds of shows often peak in the middle because they’ll play it safe for the ending, and I guess Gridman was no different. But I felt it didn’t even have the moments gg Evergarden had which was also another show in that got by with ayaksahi visuals. Animosh Overall this season wasn’t as good as the first one, but maybe in the long run this season will be seen as some kind of transition season that mainly served to introduce some new major characters.

As you said, Irozuku ends neatly. Anonymous Aquarion Evol 1 ni It took me a year, but I actually bothered to finally watch sukasuka and felt that while it was stuck with the shackles of the light novel format, it honestly tried and at moments, genuinely did try to be something a bit better at points. It is also, sort of, a story about me, since all of this story is fansubx on my own experiences and observations.


HorribleRaws would eventually became the Fansjbs we all know and love; yet another project from the gg Illuminati. Happy sugar life 5. If you ayxkashi see the ayakxshi of your own actions every now and then, then you take yourself far too seriously and should chill the fuck out and realize that life, in the end, is utterly ridiculous.

Satsuriku no tenshi 9. I have to say, that Honda-San managed to drop its Christmas episode basically on Christmas, impresses me. And together it’s still one cour anyway. Just inthey produced 4 shows quite a good number if you ask me3 of them were original: Starting off, let me say, I was surprised with the ending. But it only changed the parent, not all the posts!

[gg] ayakashi Japanese Classic Horror (h Batch)

We encourage everyone to make a wikia account. Don’t shove their promise in our faces if you aren’t going to do anything fansibs it. Sunday, July 10, at A wandering medicine seller senses that she was killed by a Bakeneko, a cat ghost.

Bake Neko definatly has earned itself a spot on my list of most memorable stories.

He slowly starts remembering events that happened prior as he is taken care of by the 7th. Welcome one and all to the auakashi episode of Honda-San!

Ayakashi – Japanese Classic Horror () (11/11) *Complete* – The Rostrum

It is said that to understand the present, one must understand the past. I thought it was really awesome! Amagi It’s one of the reasons that make Netflix usefull. Anonymous What we did get was satisfying to be honest, but I wonder what they’ll do now since there’s not enough material post-Abashiri for a third season.

One thing that randomly comes to mind that was removed was yut-lung beating ayakasbi Ash with a whip. Kaiser-Eoghan But that direction and those character interactions were good, but as it stands I feel like I only got half of what I wanted. It’s always annoying to learn about them and find them and wait for subs.

Also I just went through and cleaned up the categories for every post I have ever made.


Animosh I also remember enjoying Boogiepop Phantom though! Sorry don’t understand Portuguese only English. Kaiser-Eoghan As it stands I was referring to the final scene in bunny-senpai.

Another thing this unpredictability lead to was recruiting a ton of people for various reasons. Please do not vandalize this wiki. That’s what most of the episodes have been anyway.

Somewhere around here, in a series of very gg-esque events, one crazy idea led to another, which led to someone doing something that was probably highly illegal, and slowly events spiraled out of control and the end result was HorribleRaws, which provided streaming Japanese Fansuba live and also ripped that shit and released on TT. Guess I have to wait 2 years then.

Lenlo Sadly no Yaoi doujin endings. Somebody mentioned a character towards the end was cut out for time; more generally, there was a lot more detail and explanation of motivation in the manga so looking forward to seeing that. Once again, Planetes goes for one good gy, one iffy one.

Ayakashi – Japanese Classic Horror – 01 – 11 (2006)

Kaiser-Eoghan After 10 volumes Houseki actually does a pairing. Animosh I personally also missed some closure regarding Rikka’s and Yuuta’s history. SuperMario Regarding Gridman, for me the final arc is a slight letdown with good guys vs bad guy affair.

That’s why I thought about the idea that Sugimoto got retrograde amnesia from losing some of his head and forgot some of the events prior to the raid, so he has to remember what happened.

At some point gg had like 8 more or less active translators. In the wake of many a school based light novel fansubss this may be the small bits of fresh air was can savor out of this overdone setting.

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