Cambridge Core – Classical Studies (General) – Hermetica – edited by Brian P. Copenhaver. This book is much needed modern translation of the Corpus Hermeticum. Copenhaver provides many notes and historical insights into the text, which help the. For a more easily readable (and very reliable) modern print edition, we recommend the respected translation of the Hermetica by Brian P. Copenhaver.

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A new English Hermetica. He correctly understood the Hermetic writings as the distillations of profound copenhaveg and psychological experiences — experiences the texts themselves call “Gnosis”.

Aug 07, Eric Willeforde rated it it was amazing. Hermrtica thing that quickly becomes apparent upon even a cursory perusal of the extensive endnotes Copenhaver provides to his translation of the Corpus, is that many passages permit a variety of plausible readings, making philosophical interpretation and idiomatic translation inextricably interwoven. This allows for a better understanding of the relationship between Gnostic metaphysics and the theoretical Hermetica, dispelling notions of a rigid divide between the two systems.

Many of the longer fragments are gleaned from Stobaeus, a fifth century C.

The Mysteries of Hermes Trismegistus. Dispatched from the UK in 2 business days When will my order arrive? Paul Daniel Ash rated it it was amazing Jul 06, Therefore, my king, in so far as you have the power who are all powerfulkeep the discourse uninterpreted, lest mysteries of such greatness come to the Greeks, lest the extravagant, flaccid and as it were dandified Greek idiom extinguish something stately and concise, the energetic idiom of usage.

A very well done and lucid translation of this important series of texts. Deals with hermegica topic of creating earth in copehhaver image of heaven. Oct 07, Conor Fogarty rated it really liked it. A wonderful translation for modern hermetic studies!


Very comprehensive notes accompany superb translations of these very important texts. Probably dating to the third century or earlier, this text appears to be an initiation rite into visionary journey. The most valuable aspect, I found, of his introductory essay was the exploration copenhaevr Hermetism as an ultimately syncretic religious movement that exemplified the concurrent cultural syncretism of first and second century Alexandria.

I found the book interesting in that you are reading a person from over 20 I have to admit I have been making may through this book for about two years hermeyica decided enough was enough it had to be finished.

It is interesting where we have come from with our thought process and Hermstica really like that part of the book. The surviving writings of the tradition, known as the Corpus Hermeticum the “Hermetic body of writings” were lost to the Latin West after classical times, but survived in eastern Byzantine libraries.

These eighteen tracts of the Corpus Hermeticumalong with the Perfect Sermon also called the Asclepiusare the foundational documents of the Hermetic tradition.

The Definitions of Asclepius unto King Ammon. The Hymns of Hermes by G.

Mead, Thrice Greatest Hermes. This edition is well worth perusing for anyone interested in the philosophy or religion of late antiquity, whether as a scholarly resource or simply a sample document from the ancient world for the curious reader. Because it also embodies in its text and in its very extensive commentary the critical scholarship of the last ninety years, Copenhaver’s translation will remain the hermwtica English version of the seventeen treatises of the Greek Corpus Hermeticum and the Latin Asclepius for a long time to come This is not everyone cups of tea, it is not going to mysteriously giving you the hidden meanings of life but there is enough to mull over.


The Corpus Hermeticum & Hermetic Tradition — The Gnostic Society Library

Price Both Volumes Together 50s. The essay centers on the Poemandres. Deus Asmus rated it it was amazing Mar 30, English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh. Mead wrote a brief essay in reflection on the liturgical hymn forms found in the Hermetic writings. Nov 24, Evan cppenhaver it really liked it.

Hermetica: The Greek Corpus Hermeticum and the Latin Asclepius

As a complement to older introductory works to the same subject, Copenhaver modernizes the broader view of Hermetism by taking into account the recently discovered collection of Coptic Gnostic and Hermetic texts at Nag Hammadi. Notes on the Corpus Hermeticum. Scott on the Hermetica Hermetica: Read the ” Poemandres, the Shepherd of Men “, the first and key text in the Corpus Hermeticum; follow this with a reading of Mead’s Commentary on the Pymander.

Walter Scott – – Journal of Hellenic Studies Listen to an audio lecture by Dr. The Secret Sermon on the Mountain.

The Encomium of Kings. Stephan Hoeller introducing Hermes: The Hermetic tradition represents a non-Christian lineage herrmetica Hellenistic Gnosticism. But they can by understood, if one has an ear for the core experience. And with these words His aspect copenhave and straightway, in the twinkling of an eye, all things were opened to me.

The third volume of Thrice Greatest Hermes collects essentially all the fragments and quotations from Hermetic sources preserved in classical and ecclesiastical sources.

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