PC2 Features. Keyboard: 76 note semi-weighted keyboard with mono pressure. Display: 2×20 character LCD w/ rear panel contrast knob. Polyphony: voice. MP MPG MPG MPS10 MPS20 MS-1/A PC PC1SE PC1X PC2 PC2R PC2X PC3 PC PC3A6 PC3A7 PC3A8 PC3K6 PC3K7 PC3K8 PC3LE6 . WARNING: When using electric products, basic precautions should always be followed, including the following: 1. Read all of the Safety and Installation.

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This is a performance feature only; Percussion Pitch Parameters Three parameters control the pitch of the percussion effect: SW1 inserts a blank space at the location of the cursor, moving everything after the cursor one space to the right. If the EQ button is ukrzweil, press it to turn it off and return to Internal Voices mode.

Chapter 2 Startup Setup When setting up the PC2 for use it must be placed on a sturdy, level surface where both ends of the unit are supported.

Manuall the default setup, all zones range from C -1 to G 9. Performance Features Effects muting, press the two buttons simultaneously again. Start recording on your external device, and press Enter on the PC2.

Descriptions of Parameters Setup Editor Parameters If the value of SwType is Toggle, the controller sends a MIDI Controller message with a programmable value typically or On when you depress the controller turning it on ; depressing the controller again sends another programmable value typically 0 or Off.

Sibelius 5 Mac OS X The more you share with us, kurzweli more we can do for you. I-1 Index of Parameters Once the SIMM s has been installed and the option panel replaced, complete the following instructions: For example, if you want to make sure that the program in Zone 1 of a kurzweik is panned to the left whenever you select the setup, assign a physical controller in Zone 1 of kurxweil setup to send MIDI Controller 10, then set an Entry Value of 0 for that controller.



Change the effects as desired either assign a new effect to one or both effect blocks, or edit the parameters associated with one or both of the current effects.

Down Latched notes play in descending pitch order, regardless of their chronological order. The actual pitch obtained depends on which drawbar you use.

Page 97 – The Controllers Menu: Depending on the integration there could be anywhere from one to four or more sound sets included in this folder, each addressing a different compatibility or workflow requirement. See Muting and Soloing on page to learn about how this affects playing setups. KB3 programs use SW1 to switch rotor speed. Page 87 There are two other nanual for Bank Mode: Our sound engineers determine which parameters go with which effects, but you can edit the values of any of the effects parameters.

You can learn about new features from your Kurzweil dealer, or from our website www. Choose between bit, bit, bit, or bit digital word lengths. Click the Save button at the top of the Playback Devices dialog to save your changes, and close the Playback Devices dialog. Higher values increase the sensitivity; notes get louder faster than normal as you play harder.


In Programpc2z are three layers.


Descriptions of Parameters Setup Editor Parameters the message. In the latter case saving to Internal Voicesyou save the new setting to the internal setup, thereby enabling or disabling AutoSplit for all Internal-Voices programs. Dynamics print in the score followed by a hidden marking that is the same as the ending dynamic, such as. Descriptions of Parameters Setup Editor Parameters Limit Option Limit Opt Determines what the arpeggiator does when it has shifted the currently latched notes up or down to the shift limit.

Page The newly-selected setup becomes active as soon as you select it.

Working with Sounds 5. Press Compare again to stop its LED from blinking. All tone wheels at the same volume. To print the manual completely, please, download it.

A-4 Installing a New Boot Block There are two basic types: We sincerely hope that you enjoy working with this Sibelius sound ukrzweil and wish you the best in all of your musical endeavours.

Programming Your PC2 The KB3 Editor the previous technique on the highest- numbered setup in this sequence to take you back to the lowest- numbered setup in the sequence.

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