Si magicas. vol. in Patrologia latina bi ndi ng words St. while most The Enchiridion Leonis Papae serenissimo imperatori Carlo Magno was Christ’s name. and other treatments were not always sufWcient. some called oraciones. Entre los muros de la Prcparatoria. en su magistral oracion sobre Barreda. y la introduccion de la im prenta. en la edicion del Enchiridion y la Paraclesis. Goethe hasta Tennyson. magicas onda$ de vida van renaciendo de pronto. A, Andersen Hans Christian, Las Habichuelas Magicas A, Anon, Enchiridion Del Papa Leon 3 B, Besant Annie, Sobre La Oracion Doc.

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Princeton University Press,pp. Apologia in duas partes mgaicas, pro iis, qui ex patriarcharum, Abrahae videlicet, Isaac, et Jacob, reliquiis sati, de Christo Iesu et fide catholica pie ac sancte sentiunt, in Archiespiscopum Toletanum, et suos asseclas [The Defense magocas For his biographical profile, see Kimberly Lynn Hossain, Arbiters of Faith, Agents of Empire: Ignatius and the People of the Book, pp.

The Jeronymite superior general punished those conversos who judaized and those Old Christians oracones denied the regenerative character of baptism. His major legacy, reflected in the Visigothic legislation, with which Cartagena as jurist must have been quite familiar, comes from his Corpus Iuris Civilis. In an alleged plot against their superior general in Rome, they sent secret memorials to the Spanish court, the Inquisition, and the Holy See, asking for reform of the Jesuit Institute and, especially, for the autonomy of the Spanish Jesuit provinces.

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The pope immediately issued three bulls against the Sarmiento legislation ofthe most important of them being the Humani generis inimicus 80 See Cartagena, Defensorium, ed. However, we have written there, and this is the intention of our Father, not to bar any good subject because of his descent from Jews or Moors; and if an outrage is feared in one place, the subject can be moved elsewhere; and if he does not fit well in Spain, send him to us in Italy, where there are not such biases, which certainly seem unworthy of such good and intelligent Christians who are in Spain.

Gaspar de Loarte d. See Sicroff, Estatutos, p. Alfonso de Pisa, as we have seen, was sent to Great Poland, where he passed the rest of his life. Once again Palmio compiles a list of episodes that would prove it, among them the accusation that Polanco forced Borja, who was dying, to continue his return trip to Rome, despite his physical state [27].


He was one of five sons of a converso merchant from Medina del Campo who entered the Society. And may the good fathers of Spain listen with patience to what their wicked son, if son he may be called, has to say in his own defense, so that though condemned unheard, he may be not punished without a maticas.

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Palmio harshly criticized him in his autobiography. Cardinal Bellarmine and his confessor, Father Fabius, together with five former assistants to the General, all men well versed in the study of our origins, had not the slightest doubt drl the truth of the story. Subsequently, he was elected assistant general for Italy under Borja —72 and Mercurian — Encyclopedia Judaica,vol. Solet obiici nobiles confessos reiici non posse, quod timendum sit ne ipsorum parentes graviter ob iniustam infamiam offendantur.

As sons of this world who are shrewd in dealing with their own [Luke The special connection between Israelite lineage and acceptance of the Catholic faith mentioned at the end of the previous theorem clearly does not exclude Gentiles from the universal redemption offered through Christ, provided that they make themselves worthy to receive it, which is true also for the Israelites.

Yo os digo [. Brill Academic Publishers,pp. And if some of the branches are broken, and if you, being a wild olive branch, are grafted onto them and you become a partaker of the root and of the fatness of the olive tree, do not glorify yourself above the branches. He founded the university and seminary in Dilingen, which he subsequently gave to the Jesuits Therefore, our manuscript has the value of an autograph. Being children of this world, pompous, cunning, fake, self-seeking, etc.

About not accepting New Christians, our Father is not persuaded that God would be served this way. Their other siblings—as in the case of other lax families—also entered the religious life: The Congregation subsequently approved the Latin official translation of the Constitutions rendered by Polanco, who took into consideration the notes suggested to Loyola by himself, Madrid, and Nadal.

In this part [1]—[12]Palmio attempts to offer historical magicqs for the presence of neophytes in the Society of Jesus, a presence which he describes as a pestilence and diabolical zizania: See also DHCJ 2: On the alleged homosexual relation between the two, see Harold B.


Pius IV appointed him cameriere segreto partecipante at the papal curia.

In that position he built an efficient Jesuit web of communication between the Roman headquarters and the provinces around the world. The term may be applied only to Judaizing Christians see Cartagena, Defensorium, ed.

His mother who had been Christian for four yearsexcusing her son, asked the Cardinal of Trani [Giovan Domenico de Cupis] to give her a hand in getting her son out of jail. Some scholars have claimed that had converso ancestry: Anthony that he kept in his home.

What stain remains in the new man who has put on Christ and become a temple of God, a son of God, an heir of God and co—heir of Christ?

Harvard University Press,p.

On his second trip to Brazil inhis flotilla Santiago was captured on 15 July near the Canary Islands by the Huguenot pirates led by Jacques Sourie. Only one year later Loyola appointed him his assistant general for Italy, while entrusting him with the care of the Casa Professa and the supervision of colleges, even though he had not yet pronounced his final vows and thus was not de iure a full Jesuit.

He made the Spiritual Exercises with the Jesuit Juan Bautista de Ribera, who subsequently became his spiritual director. Ignatius of Loyola Milwaukee: Arco Libros,pp. Therefore, I have decided not to procrastinate anymore and announce what many days ago I had already contemplated to write. Alonso de Cartagena too used this expression in his Defensorium see Cartagena, Defensorium, ed. Another commission that Loyola gave Polanco and his confreres in the casa professa in Rome was to write a compendium for Jesuit confessors.

Ignatius and the Peoples of the Book, pp. For if their loss is for the reconciliation of the world, what could their return be for, except life out of death?

The Encyclopedia Judaica Pedro de Ribadeneyra, Vita P. Catholic University of America Press, The first tip comes from the topography of the city of Majorca.

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