Veja grátis o arquivo SM GM Manual Tecnico enviado para a disciplina de Top ANT ANTA N T5 02 A N T5 03 BTC C C 10 02 C C. SERVICE MANUAL / # X / 10/ AKG CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT / Laxenburger aus dem Gehäuse schieben. 1. C S MKIV. Service Manual Level III ™ DIGITAL WIRELESS TELEPHONE Model P Service Motorola regional Cellular Subscriber Support Centers offer some of the C10 C C C C C C C C C C .

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In either case after call termination, the cellular telephone goes back to rescan the nationwide set of forward controlchannels and repeats the Going into Service process it performed at first turn-on to re-establish itself on a paging channel. Motorola celulwr the use of a properly grounded high impedance conductive wrist strap while performing any of these procedures. Since a charger circuit is designed in this unit, there needs to be a form of reading the thermistor values of each battery separately.

Normally set to 0. The cell site sends the data to 1c000 switch.

Automatic call processing tests can be performed while the phone is in its power-up state. Select MAHO from the list of choices. All the cell sites within a system are then connected either by dedicated land lines, microwave links, or a combination of both to a central control site called the central controller or switch.

  LEY 288-04 PDF

This is normally not a problem, but during data signaling, such as that employed for telefacsimile, answering machine, and computer communications, significant amounts of information may be lost. Duplex SINAD can be measured with the same setup by entering and the 05 test command, which turns on the transmitter at power step 2.

The cellular Telephone 1c000 the data and successfully reads its MIN. A low state at the output of U will switch Q on.

The switch pages the cellular telephone. ST is always accompanied by SAT. Speak directly into the mouthpiece. The cellular telephone then acknowledges the page on that access channel and thus notifies the central controller of its cell location.

When set to 1, the user cannot lock and unlock the phone unit via the 3 digit lock code. The following call-processing test sequence is recommended: Amplitude should be set to dBm. The redundancy is used during the decoding process to correct class I errors.

The subsequent inphase and quadrature-phase bit streams are then converted to analog signals. Once the tab is released, peel off and slide the cover away from the flip. Orders for all parts listed in this document should be directed to the following Delular International Logistics Department: C is used to add stability to the AGC circuit.

Engage lever 1 followed by lever 2 as shown to the right. There are 4 significant bits for the initial f1000 channel. Diversity Antenna Enable Bit C0. In analog mode the FM signal comes from the DCI pin 39 and is modulated directly in the offset oscillator.


SM G360M Manual Tecnico

Amp Drivers This manual is Motorola property. A discriminator retrieves audio from the IF and the varying voltages of the audio are used to drive a speaker TDMA Radio TDMA radios use the same circuitry as analog radios, for the most part, but also have additional circuitry to convert analog audio to digitized form and vice versa, and to select the appropriate time slot. Primary control channels are used by all types of telephones. Automatic Call-Processing Tests Most communications analyzers can simulate a cell site in order to perform automatic call-processing tests.

One is used for the MHz signal and the other is not used. Frequency error is displayed.

This condition will pull the input the inverter UA low. Refer to the RX troubleshooting section for radios not within the pass specifications. The post-limiter splatter filter is realized using a tap FIR digital filter.

Motorola P Service manual |

The cell site receives the mobile-to-land call request. The switch 12 informs the TelCo of the disconnect and the landline is released. These measurements are dependent on the accuracy of the test equipment.

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